What’s your love story, how did you meet?

We were both teenagers when we met through a friend and he gave me & the friend a lift home the first night we met, he took my number and text me when I got home asking the take me out the next day, we saw each other nearly every night after that.


How did you get engaged/proposal?

No one except Nathan and Trudie (best friend & maid of honour) knew he was going to propose, we went on holiday to Greece, he found a nice spot to go and kept trying to get someone to take a photo of us in front of the sea, I kept saying no that we have plenty of time for photos (we’d just got there) but he was adamant he wanted a photo there so he set his timer up on his camera, and it got me balling my eyes out when he got down on one knee. I couldn’t see the ring for 10 mins because I was crying so much, he did really well to keep it a surprise! And I felt bad then realising why he wanted someone to take a photo of us ha!


Why did you choose your venue?

It wasn’t our original venue, but Nathans boss owns it who obviously thinks a lot of Nathan, let us have it for the wedding, we know the people there and they are so lovely they make you feel like royalty when planning your wedding, now we wouldn’t have it anywhere else we feel like family there.



What’s the style/theme/vibe of your wedding?

Simple/classy/but still rustic a little bit farmy!


What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

Finally getting married!! Seeing the kids dressed up.

 Our first dance & (hopefully) the tractor ride just me and Nathan


Any future advice for Brides/Grooms planning their day?

To not stress too much! I wish I had looked forward to it more in the beginning rather than it just being a stressful thing!

 Also to remember it is your day as a couple and no body else’s, so do what you want to do and have who you feel you really want to share you’re day with there!

Get a great photographer ;) the photos are forever!


Kind words and/or why you chose us to capture your day:

We liked the feel of your photos, I wanted to look at our photos and feel the warmth & happiness of us, our friends and family that day! I like that you catch sweet little moments/looks between the bride and groom & for us all that is what weddings are all about.

Doncaster Yorkshire farm summer wedding