Together we make the dream team, with Sharon taking the lead as the main photographer and Mike taking on the role of an amazing second photographer, logistics expert, crowd controller and an amazing tosser! (veil that is! LOL!)

With endless energy and enthusiasm we've been photographing 100's of weddings together for over 8 years now and I can honestly say that we truly love photographing weddings!


  • Obsessed with Salt 'n' Vinegar crisps

  • Passionate about travelling and exploring

  • Mike is a transport nerd (please don't talk to him about trains, planes and buses, you'll regret it!)

  • Sharon likes to shake her booty on the dance floor

  • Overly fond of cheese!

  • Soft spot for dogs

  • Owns too much Gin and Vodka!
sheffield south yorkshire wedding photographer



Cringey wedding photo! And Mike had hair!

We love photographing weddings and have been fortunate to do so now for several years.

But how did it all begin?


Well, Mike and I met a long time ago! (Way back in the 90's).We were both teenagers, I was 17 and Mike was 19. We met on a platform at York railway station when I went to visit a friend for the weekend. Mike was also her friend,we spent most of that weekend together and knew instantly that we had both met “the one”.

Fast forward several years and Mike finally gets round to proposing to me on Christmas Day morning of 1999.  For our wedding we chose Kenwood Hall in Sheffield and, on Saturday 28th April 2001 we got married. It was the most perfect wedding day!

So how did I become wedding photographer and set up my own business? Well, I’d always wanted to be a photographer from a very early age but somehow found myself going into radiography first.  I always knew that being a radiographer was not going to be forever for me and one day I would be a professional photographer.

Then, on a beautiful day in October 2014 , fate intervened. We were attending our friend’s wedding and of course I brought my camera to take lots of candid photos of them both. I let them have these photos from their wedding day and they absolutely loved them! From that day, the niggly feeling  that I could be a wedding photographer would not leave me. For months I researched about setting up and running a business, got lots of experience and even went back to university to get a qualification in wedding photography. All whilst working full time in radiography! I was so determined to make it work and thankfully it did!

Finally on 1st August 2015 (Yorkshire Day) Sharon Trees Photography was born!


But the story doesn’t end there. I was getting busier, and I was taking Mike (also a keen photographer) with me to most of my weddings. In March 2021 I badly broke my leg and realised that I couldn’t carry on being a radiographer and left the profession to concentrate solely on my wedding photography business. With Mike by my side this is how we went from two love stuck teenagers in the 90’s to a wedding photographer duo that is Sharon Trees Photography!

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