One of my favorite things about being a husband and wife photography team is that there are two of us! That means that you always will have a second shooter at your wedding and I get to boss Mike around all day, lol!

Why you you want to have two photographers at your wedding? Well, based on our experience having two photographers at your wedding is invaluable and here is why...

The first bonus to having two of us is that you get more pictures! Definitely a great perk! Normally Mike isn’t taking the same pictures that I am during the day and often focuses on the candid moments.

Whilst I'm concentrating on getting the traditional pictures of the full groups Mike will be focusing on taking pictures from different angles. Most of the time it’s these different angles that make for the most artistic and creative images! One of our favorite things is when Mike finds new and interesting angles to shoot from. These pictures are ones that either I as the main shooter I wouldn’t see, or wouldn’t have the extra time needed to find.

On wedding days one of our favorite things to do is to take portraits of individuals, couples and families. Without a second photographer, pictures like this wouldn’t be possible! Again, you will get more pictures and a lot more variety!

Another great reason why you need two photographers is to get more reception and evening coverage! There is always a lot that happens at this point in the day. There are events, guests coming and going, and so many details to take pictures of. Having both of us there to take pictures means that we can get more pictures of all of these different parts. I like to mingle with guests and get pictures of them, whilst Mike loves to take time to get great pictures of all of the details!




sheffield yorkshire female wedding photographer
sheffield yorkshire female wedding photographer
sheffield yorkshire female wedding photographer