I don't have enough fingers or toes to count the number of times someone has said to me,

"I really hate having my photo taken" or “I don’t look good in photos” .

I feel your pain, I’m far happier behind the camera than in front of it. My mouth goes into that “Chandler from Friends smile” whenever a camera points my way! I don't know where to put my hands. Wait, is this my best side? Sound familiar?

So, I've put together some tips to get you prepared for what having your photo taken by me will be like.

It’s not scary…honest!

What I’m not going to do is spend ages getting you into a pose worthy of Vogue and then spend forever setting up lighting. Believe me, You will get bored and possibly hypothermic whilst this happens. This is not the look we are aiming for, LOL! If this is what you want, then I’m possibly not be the photographer for you.


I'm more interested in the cuddles and closeness, the natural looks you give each other and the awkward

“oops I think I just farted”

moments that make you both laugh hysterically. That being said, I like to give little direction given with a huge dose of enthusiasm from myself to stop you standing at opposite sides of the room with your backs to each other.

Sometimes I'll tell you to stand over there and get nice and close, sometimes I'll just let you “freestyle” and see what happens.

Face grabbing, licking, jokes and poking each other are definitely encouraged. I’ll probably get you doing some daft stuff, like piggy backs or blowing raspberries! I get really odd looks when I ask couples to do these things, but trust me, it works and they always end up being favorite photos. And, even a kiss here and there if you’re feeling inclined, but I won’t force you. But, please if you fancy a smooch, no tongues and no face planting on each other!


Look at each other, have a chat, make stupid jokes, talk about dogs, make that weird face you do to each other. You can look at me if you really want to but I think you’ll find looking at your partner is more appealing.

 You'll feel way more comfortable if you pretend I don’t exist than awkwardly standing and staring down the barrel of my lens.


Time for some truth - there will be photos of yourself from your engagement session/wedding that you don't like. It does not mean you are hideous, it just means I caught your face during the one millisecond it was doing something you don't like. Everyone, when we laugh and smile, gets double chins (we’d be nearly dead of starvation if we didn’t). I love these captured in the moment photos because they are when you look the most carefree, happy and glowing.

So, try to let go of some of that criticism that pops up every time you see a picture of yourself and just see the you that has their head thrown back, laughing at the speeches because in that moment, you were completely and utterly happy.

I hope you found this some of this useful and won't feel so nervous about having your photo taken by me after reading this.

If you haven’t found it useful and it hasn’t helped, just drink the Gin till you don’t care anymore!