Worth the wait...

I first met Laura and James all the way back in 2018 and knew straight away that I wanted to be their wedding photographer. We had so much in common, like our love of photography and all things Disney, so when they booked me I was overjoyed!

The original plans were for a 2020 wedding date but as we all know, a global pandemic had other ideas about weddings happening that year. To air on the side of caution Laura and James decided to reschedule their wedding for August 2022.

In the meantime, their gorgeous and ever so cute son, Oliver was born. Oliver being at their wedding made ithe day even more special.

Laura and Jame's wedding after 4 years of waiting was sooooo worth it. It was the perfect summers day with so much joy, singing, dancing and laughing. I think both Laura and Jame's would both agree that it was definately worth the wait...