Your fur babies are your family !

Your wedding photos aren’t going to feel complete with out them. When I suggest they should be at there I’m usually confronted with horror and panic. Visions of pets running amock, food being pinched from tables and dogs peeing on brides comes to mind! There are plenty of ways to include them and they don’t need to be there all day, but please bring them along for some wedding photos.

Pets are a part of the family, whether it’s your adorable Labrador, your crazy cat or even your cute llama, you know it makes sense to include them in your wedding photos. However, anyone who has tried to snap a cute selfie with their pets will know it’s no easy task.

Most couples want to bring their dogs so with this in mind the following advice is mainly for dog owners but is relatable to other four legged friends as well. Read on for advice on how to get amazing wedding photos with your pets.

Calm dog + Calm owner = Awesome wedding photos

It’s essential that dogs are kept calm in order to capture fabulous photos of them. so a good walk and a feed before they come to the wedding is a great idea. Get a friend or neighbour (who isn't a guest) to do this for you.

Your dog will pick up on that this is not a normal day. You’ll look very different to usual in a wedding dress and all the different people, smells new areas to explore will probably make them more likely to jump up and get very excitable, even if they’re not normally prone to it. This could of course get your dress/suit mucky, so it’s worth having your pet photos after your ceremony.

Plan a time for your pet, later in the day is better, to come along. You’ll probably need about 10 minutes for pet photos so it doesn't matter if they are only there for that short time.

If your furry friend gets excitable around lots of people, take your pet photos away from the guests to keep them as calm as possible. If your pet is particularly nervous, it’s worth taking them along to your venue a couple of times in the lead up to your wedding to familiarise them, so they can get used to the sounds and smells of the venue.

With nervous pets in mind, it’s a good idea to do a few trial photos in advance. Your engagement session is perfect for this and I enthusiastically encourage couples to bring their dogs along to these sessions. We always have a lot of fun and I try to bring Mike with me to dog sit whilst we get some dog free photos as well.

If your dog has a favourite doggy treat bring some with you to that I can easily grab their attention. It’s the perfect way to make sure they are looking towards my camera and you and relax and enjoy the moment rather than worrying about them being disobedient.

There you are, some tips to include and photograph your four legged friends on your wedding day.

There’s no excuse now and bring them along, I can’t wait to photograph them!