What’s your love story, how did you meet?

We met 14 years ago on a night out, it was me that did the chasing after that night, finally got him 5 months later.

How did you get engaged/proposal?

On holiday last year. Had no idea he had this planned. We’d headed out for food on the last night with a couple of friends and the kids. I was a bit of a moan that night on the way down into town for food as I was so hungry and it seemed to be taking forever to pick where to eat (now I know why)

We finally settled for a sports bar as all the fancy restaurants were full. So we sat and ordered. Food arrived not so long after and I had noticed Aidy (best man) had his phone pointed towards me, assumed he was taking a photo of something, had no idea he was filming. As I had turned to cut my daughters food Mikey placed the ring in front of my plate, but as I turned back round to eat my meal I didn’t see the ring and pulled my plate toward me which then covered the ring you can see mikey in the video attempting to then point out something under my plate, and as I noticed I still couldn’t believe it was a ring for me!! I was just in disbelief. He didn’t actually ask me to marry him, I had to ask him what the ring was for, which then he replied it was an engagement ring! Then I cried,lol!

Why did you choose your venue?

The view onto the lake had me sold instantly

What’s the style/theme/vibe of your wedding?

Babies breath florals, pink sashes/decor

Is there anything special at your wedding that you’ve included and why?

My dog is attending the ceremony

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

Absolutely everything!!