Engagement photos are gaining popularity have become quite common among couples about to get married. There are many benefits to having an engagement session on the run up to your wedding day.

 Here are the top benefits to have an engagement photo session with me.


Great Wedding photos

Getting your engagement photos done helps you get comfortable in front of my camera. One of the most common things I hear as a professional photographer is that couples tend to be nervous and self-conscious in front of a camera. Getting those nerves out of the way before your big day will make you feel loads more comfortable about being photographed.

This time is also important to get to know me, your wedding photographer and for me to get to know you. You’ll learn how I like to have fun capturing your photos . An engagement session with me will yield beautiful images that will probably share with family and friends, print off, can be used for save the dates, announcements, or social media posts. 

Create a stronger relationship with your wedding photographer

Engagement sessions give you a chance to build a relationship with me your wedding photographer. Most engagement sessions last about 1-2 hours and give you plenty of time to get to know and talk with me about your wedding day plans. I quite often meet you at a coffee shop or bar first so we can chat before we photograph.

Understand how to get great photos together

During your engagement photo session you will learn how I will direct you and set the scene for your photos. A good photographer will not pose you and have you hold it for minutes while you awkwardly hold a kiss. A lot of the “posing” from me is more  about guiding you interacting with each other and having fun. Those beautiful natural photos I capture are based around you interacting with each other.