Eeeek! It's nearly your wedding day! OMG you must be bursting with excitement! You're nearly there and everything is almost in place for your big day but you don't want to forget anything. Here's a little checklist, it's not entirely comprehensive but includes the important and sometimes forgotten things that you may need to to the week before your wedding day.

1 week before:

• Have your hair trimmed and/or coloured

Then you’ll know it’s looking its best for your but only do as planned in your hair trials – this is not the time to experiment with a new colour or drastic style changes!

• Have the wedding rehearsal at your church

This will help you know where to stand and when to speak and will prepare you so you don’t feel nervous on the day. It’s the first time many of you will have done this and most couples I speak to find it’s really useful.

• Pack for your honeymoon

You’re going on the holiday of a lifetime! Whooohooo!!!

• Wear-in your wedding shoes

Wear them around the house in your PJ’s (glass of wine optional) to break them in and make sure they are comfy. You’ll look so glam hoover in them, LOL!

• Create a wedding emergency kit

Include face powder, lipstick, tissues, mints etc – anything you think you might need on the day. Ask your MOH to carry yours for you.

• Buy wedding umbrellas

If the weather ahead looks rainy invest in some or for a sunny day, pretty parasols. Don’t worry if you forget, I always carry some in the back of my car for emergencies.

• Have your beauty treatments

Go for pre-wedding and honeymoon waxing or fake tanning in good time before the big day. Get eyebrows shaped and anything else that needs attention done the week before, not the day before.

• Find your ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’

Ask your mother or grandmother for something old and it can also be your something borrowed. Your something new could be a piece of jewellery you could get really creative with something blue. I’ve seen some fab ideas like, blue buttons, sapphire ring, blue flowers.

• Hand over the supplier list of contacts to a designated person

Give the list of all the wedding suppliers involved in your wedding day with their contact details and times they are meant to arrive, in case they need to be contacted, to your best man and/or MOH and then do not give it all another thought!

• Fill out and return my pre-wedding questionnaire

I’ll send you this a week or two before so you have plenty of time to fill it out and return. You’ll find it includes your photo wish list, important people on the day and timings.

• Have the day off to relax

The day before, don’t go to work, spend the day with friends or family and don’t do anything too exhausting. This is not the day to do a spring clean or tackle the garden.

• Have your nails manicured

Book it for the afternoon before to avoid chips and breaks. Guys book yourself for shape and buff as well. You’ll be showing off your hands all day.

• Try to get an early night

You’re getting married in the morning! Realistically you’ll probably not sleep too much with excitement!

And, just one final word of advice…

On your wedding day, keep in mind is it’s the beginning of your marriage together, so whatever may happen on the day, your marriage is what really matters most.

And…enjoy it!

It’s the best day of your life!

Sheffield Yorkshire female wedding photographer
Sheffield yorkshire female wedding photographer
Sheffield Yorkshire female wedding photographer