There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes that most people don't see or even know about to get those beautiful and fun wedding photos...

I see a lot of crazy things, from photobombs, silly antics and surprises. I get to share so many laughs with my couples, their bridal party and guests and I am lucky enough to be there to capture those moments. 


Before any photography happens an lot of preparation and organisation has to take place. I pretty much bring two or more of everything I will ever need to your wedding. Two professional DSLR cameras {just in case one decides to have a glitch}, two flashes, a multitude of flash modifiers, two video lights, 8 camera batteries, 20 AA batteries, seveal spare memory cards, chargers, lenses, photo booth and props, water, snacks, pain killers, mints, hair brush and lipstick, scissors!

All of this is checked and checked again before every wedding along with the time line, addresses, phone numbers and photo wish list for each couple. 


Then its photography time ! There’s a lot of organising, staging details, sometimes problem solving, advice giving, coaxing children, chatting, laughing, having fun, playing and crying... Yes crying ! I can promise you one thing at your wedding…I will cry at some point! Thankfully, I can hide behind my camera so you don’t notice too much. I just get so emotional, after all, I have been invited into your close circle of family and friends to capture the most important day of your life. That’s usually enough to set me off!


A wedding captured by me is always a fun one! There are no boring formal family line ups and expect to be doing crazy things, like group hugs, dancing and sliding down banisters (yes that really happened!). The craziness doesn't just happen to you, I will be doing daft stuff too. You will see me climbing on every stable surface, lying on the floor, stalking and saying silly stuff to get us all laughing. 


After all this I’m pretty much exhausted by the meal time and ready for a rest. I always bring lots of snacks with me to stop me getting "hangry". I never assume that you will feed or water me though but its always greatly appreciated…especially the alcohol! Gin always goes down well at the end of the evening!


As any previous couple will tell you, I always stay at least an hour beyond the first dance. I tell couples its because I want to capture the fun and frolics that usually follow but really its because I love a good boogie and want to capture the embarrassing photos you can use for bribery later !


Yes, not only am I your blubbing sentimental, photographer but I’m also your dancing photographer! There is no standing on the outside of the dance floor for me, I’m straight in there doing strutting my stuff and possibly photo bombing your photos! 

I'm always sad when I have to leave because I genuinely enjoy every wedding I photograph and make so many new friends along the way.


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